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Helion Prime Parts Ways with Kayla Dixon

By now some have already heard the rumors.

It is true that Helion Prime has decided to continue on without Kayla on vocals.

We know that this comes as both a shock and low blow to the fans. For that we are deeply sorry. It’s not a decision that was easily made.

A lot of people don’t get to see the behind the scenes of a band and sadly it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Things don’t always work out as you hope.

We wish Kayla nothing but the best of luck in her future career as a musician and actress.

We understand this will be hard for some people to accept and we ask you have trust in us and know we are only looking out for the future of this band and what we feel is right for ourselves and the fans.

We have plans to enter the studio this week to begin tracking the second album. This will not be changed and tracking of the second album will push forward as planned. This band means the world to us and we will continue to push forward and upward.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and will continue to support us.

-Jason Ashcraft